Small batch coffee takes time. Please allow a few days for us to make your order and ship it to you.

Dodger Coffee Co Pro/Am #3


A chance for every day members of the StarCraft 2 community to get to play against the best players in the world.  Supporting players and streamers, the Dodger Coffee Co Pro/Am makes professional players available to play against fans in a fun setting.  Hosted by one of your favorite casters, The Pro/Am gives you a chance to play against a legend.

Additional details:

  • The ProAm #3 is scheduled for Saturday, May 25th around 10 AM EST / 7 AM PST / 16:00 CEST). Exact starting time will be announced in real time the day of the event.
  • Dutch Terran, Team Liquid's uThermal will be playing against viewers for a minimum 4 hour time slot that has the potential to grow.
  • A very pretty boy streamer, LowkoTV will host the event on his Twitch.TV channel.
  • Anyone can get in line to play against uThermal on a first come/first serve basis. (If you are at the end of the line, you probably will not get to play because player time will probably run out).
  • Each game a handicap will be applied to uThermal based on suggestions made from viewers through donations to the event.
  • All purchases of Coffee products (using special ProAm code) and donations during the stream can extend how long the players will be playing for and how much they will be paid by contributing to the "Coffee Pot".
  • If a coffee purchaser wants to play, Coffee purchases jump players in line in front of people who haven't purchased coffee.
  • The Coffee Pot is a tiered table that shows how much Players/Casters get paid and how long the stream will go based on the amount of Coffee purchased and donations received.  (Note that the stream and pay is extended proportionally within the tiers as opposed to suddenly jumping from one tier to the next.)
  • People can donate any amount to help the Casters/Players and extend the tournament.  People who donate at least $5 can suggest a handicap for uThermal.
  • The ProAm code gives a purchaser a 10% discount on the whole store.

NOTE: We will almost 100% make changes to this day of and we reserve that right. For example, last Pro/Am we did some 2v2s and monobattles in order to get more people through the line which was pretty fun.  Dodger Coffee Co is the event organizer and its moderation team has the final say on all event decisions. If we mess it up its our fault! (Please don't blame the streamer or players, they're helping us!) <3

Coffee Pot:
Tier, Coffee Pot, Time
1 $0-1,000 4 hours
2 $1001-1,500 +1 hour added
3 $1,501-2,000 +45 mins added
4 $2,001-2,500 +30 mins added
5 $2,501-3,000 +15 mins added
6 Each Additional $500 +10 mins

About Dodger Coffee Co:
Dodger Coffee Co's Original Coffee is a modern take on Americana Diner Coffee. Made from responsibly, ethically, and sustainably sourced specialty grade beans, the coffee is a dark smooth roast, low in acidity with hints of cocoa, caramel, and peanut tastes. The coffee is roasted in the US by a small, craft coffee company. Small batch roasting ensures that the coffee you receive is of the highest quality and was made recently for maximum freshness.

Founded by Dodger, this small craft coffee company is proud to bring you the StarCraft 2 Pro Am as a way to support players and casters of eSports.  For us, this is a way to advertise ourselves while giving back to the community we came from. Directly supporting creators and players with our marketing budget is something we would much rather be doing!  We hope you'll try our coffee, tea, or hot cocoa so we can keep doing these events in the future.

Order using discount code ProAm to take 10% off your order, support the players and casters of the DCC ProAm #3, and to reserve your spot in line to play!

Enter to Play!

Fill out the form here to enter in line to play, you are not confirmed until the event moderator verifies you the day of the event. To claim your spot in line, you must be present the day of the event, logged in to StarCraft 2 on the European Server, and join chat channel "ProAm3" (type /join ProAm3 into chat).  Players who are logged into the channel will be verified against the signup form. Event moderators will give you more info including where you are at in line and about when you could expect to play. NOTE: Because we allow jumping in line for coffee purchasers, your estimated time could change. Be nice to the mods or they can boot you from the event!

Suggest a handicap/Extend the stream!

Donate at least $5 to the Coffee Pot on the Dodger Coffee Streamlabs account to suggest a handicap for uThermal during the stream.  Put your suggested handicap in the donation message.  We're looking for fun/unique challenges for uThermal to overcome while playing that are interesting for the viewers to watch. Event moderators have complete discretion of which handicaps to use and may modify the suggestion.  Handicap suggestions are open now and will run through the end of the stream.  Any donation received between now and the start of the stream will be applied to the Coffee Pot. 


Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to read this and participating in ANY way. Its 100% true that Dodger Coffee Co would not exist if the StarCraft 2 beta hadn't brought a bunch of people together 10 years ago. Its an honor for us to be able to put on a different kind of event and support the casters, players, and community of a game that means so much to us. GL HF