Small batch coffee takes time. Please allow a few days for us to make your order and ship it to you.

"When I picture a great cup of coffee I think of sitting with my friends in an old diner after a great night. That's why we made Dodger Coffee Co, to have the perfect coffee for friends to share." 

About Dodger Coffee Co:

Dodger Coffee Co's Original Coffee is a modern take on Americana Diner Coffee.  Made from responsibly, ethically, and sustainably sourced beans from small farms in Honduras, Mexico, and Ethiopia the coffee is a dark smooth roast, low in acidity with hints of cocoa, caramel, and peanut tastes.  Enjoy this bold coffee freshly brewed or from our cold brew with friends any time.

Our coffee is roasted in the US by a small, craft coffee company.  By roasting the beans according to an exacting roast profile, the artisans ensure that your coffee is roasted perfectly every time.  Small batch roasting also ensures that the coffee you receive was made recently for maximum freshness.

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