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Black and Orange Coffee Mug

Black and Orange Coffee Mug

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Say hello to our sleek Dodger mug!

Printed with the orange Dodger Coffee Co logo and clocking in at 11 oz., we've captured the feel of a 3 A.M. cup of joe. Don't be fooled by its smaller size. This mug is ready to rock.

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Customer Reviews

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Solid Coffee Mug

Solid Coffee Mug. It does the job. Plus my favorite color is orange :)

Sam Shelton
Nice Doogs

I love the coffee and the mug, makes a great addition to my collection. the mug not the coffee. keep up the good work. -Hielo

Arnar Bjornsson
Good secondary

I give it one lower star than the larger one since that one is more firmly made, holds more and is overall better (imo). BUT this one is good enough for the task of holding coffee, tea, water etc. I have a second one I bring to sea to be "my" mug onboard (I hop between ships a ton and sometimes the crew have to bring me a broken used one to be "my" designated mug for water and whatever. This both stands out in the colour (most basic onboard mugs are white) and the logo is easily distinguishable at a fair distance (the bright orange helps it being noticeable).

And I can say, though I said the main white mug is more firmly made. I can attest that this one has taken its toll being thrown about on a ship/boat in various weather. Chipped here and there but is holding firm. So it's not a super-cheap flimsy thing. Does the job.