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Dodger Coffee Mug

Dodger Coffee Mug

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The Original Dodger Coffee Mug was inspired by an old diner's porcelain ceramic mug.

Printed with the Dodger Coffee Co logo and clocking in at 14 oz. The over-sized Dodger Mug ensures you'll never have too little coffee and lets you leave room for cream and sugar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
V Lemke

So cute, the perfect diner mug

Cozy mug

One of my favorite mugs.

John Gee
Bit of chipping

The diner mug lettering had places where it was very thin, it seems like the material they used can easily rub/chip off if cleaning too aggressively which sucks because its a very solid mug

April Hebb
Long time favorite

I’ve had this mug since company launch and it’s been my favorite go-to ever since. I love the weight and thickness of it - like this mug def has a little more oomph to it. Hella satisfying.

David C
Coffee Mugs

I’ve had a ceramic mug since launch years ago, I use it daily and wanted a 2nd for guests/backup. Saw the clay fired mug and had to have it, going to use it as my hot chocolate mug. It’s a really nice mug