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Dodger Diner Sign Mug

Dodger Diner Sign Mug

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These clay mugs are individually handcrafted by Deneen Pottery. No two mugs are identical. 

Whether it be a cup of Dodger Coffee, a spot of tea, or a cozy serving of hot cocoa, this mug will be the purrfect addition to your collection.

Capacity: 12-14 oz.

Dishwasher and microwave safe. Hand washing is recommended for maximum longevity.

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Customer Reviews

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Thought this was a little expensive because it's an online store - but this is legitimately once of the nicest mugs I've ever owned. Plus the dodger signage on the front is stunningly clean. It's big, sturdy, and has a handle that even my huge hands can use. If you need a go-to mug, I don't think you can find a better option than this.

David C
Quality mug

I saw this on the site and had to have it, impressed with the quality of workmanship, it’s my hot chocolate mug 😀


Dodger Diner Sign Mug

Super cute!

Love this mug, it feels well made and looks adorable!

Kyle D.
The Perfect Mug

The Dodger Diner Sign Mug is an amazing mug. That's the short and sweet of it. The mug is beautifully made and is adorable. There is not a single negative I can say about it. I also love the weight, volume, and shape of the mug. It's my favorite mug I've ever owned.