Market Vendor Info

Hello! You've probably found this page because you've heard we are looking to partner with artists, makers, and small businesses to make your goods available for sale on our site.

Dodger Coffee Co is a small business started by a digital creator and we're trying to find unique ways to help other small creators and businesses. We make the best products we can using ethically, sustainably, responsibly sourced ingredients. We're looking for people who do the same.

If you want to skip all the rest and apply to have us look at your product or business, just click here and fill in the form.

Here's a little bit more about what we're trying to do:

We’re going to give this a shot with a few people to start who are willing to be scrappy with us. If we’re happy that we can do this the right way and make a difference we’ll grow the program. We’d like to start this experiment with products that are:

  • Handmade or small batch made.
  • Made by artists or small businesses currently impacted by current world events.
  • Available in a small stock that can be sent to us so we can handle shipping/fulfillment or if the order must be made on demand, are made by people able to accept order information from us in order to ship the item.
  • Art prints made by individual artists or small studios.
  • Somehow related to Dodger Coffee Co, Diners, Video Game fandom, or the culture related to Dexbonus (Dodger).

We're ideally looking for people who can send us a small batch of items that we can store in our warehouse. We'll collect orders, fulfill and ship, and handle customer service. You'll get paid as things sell or we'll send the product back to you. This is traditionally called consignment. We're open to other arrangements too, especially if you offer a fresh good!